Top Ten Ways a CPA/CGA Can Help You

Top Ten Ways a CPA/CGA Can Help You


A certified general accountant (CGA) sees more than numbers. A CPA/CGA sees the big picture and can provide you with the sound advice your business needs. You are the expert in your business; your CPA/CGA is the expert in accounting, finance, taxation and business management. He or she will be your adviser, counsel and confidante. Together, the two of you will anticipate, prevent and solve the problems that come your way.


The difference between self-employment and business ownership lies in knowing that your business can succeed without you. Succession planning ensures that your business is self-sufficient. It allows you to take time away while you stay involved or to sell your business (or bequeath it)
when the time is right. A CPA/CGA will help you develop and execute a sound succession plan.


When you decide that it’s time to make your dream a reality, a CPA/CGA will help set up the most appropriate entity for your business, whether a sole proprietorship, partnership or incorporation. Do you have a business plan? A CPA/CGA has the skills and experience to guide you through this important stage of the startup process. Plus a CPA/CGA will introduce you to bankers, meet with your lawyers and provide a seamless transition from concept to reality.


A CPA/CGA will take the time to understand the information technology needs of your business. He or she will assist in the evaluation of functionality, cost and portability, and create the right software environment for your business through installation, configuration and training.


Proper systems can make the difference between chaos and order. A CPA/CGA will help you to identify and evaluate systems such as record keeping, document retention, asset protection and information controls. He or she will then assist you in the implementation, operation and periodic review of your systems.


Whether you own a business or simply want to ensure the safe passage of your lifetime assets, estate planning is important. A CPA/CGA works with you and your lawyer to ensure that designated beneficiaries receive the maximum benefit from your estate.


A CPA/CGA will help you plan your financial future. Whether it’s investment advice to help you realize your retirement dreams or cash flow projections for your growing business, a CPA/CGA will provide the sound financial planning you require to get you to your goal.


If you think your business is too small to have a chief financial officer, think again. Many CPA/CGA firms offer part-time controllership services. A CPA/CGA will provide hands-on advice about financial controls and procedures, assist in month-end processes and help ensure your business is in compliance with regulatory agencies.


CPA/CGAs offer a wide range of accounting services. A CPA/CGA will compile your financial results on an interim or year-end basis. A CPA/CGA will provide payroll administration, tax compliance, cash management, projections and bill payment, plus analysis, assessments, calculations and reviews. He or she will help you to interpret financial information so that you can make fully informed decisions about your business. A CPA/CGA sees more than numbers.


Tax planning and preparation is about more than filing your tax return on time. It’s an integral part of the financial planning process. A CPA/CGA will help you minimize the taxes you pay — now and in the future — whether you’re an employee or self-employed, an investor or
small business owner, a farmer, student or landlord. Whatever your tax preparation and planning needs, a CPA/CGA will save you money through effective tax planning and preparation.

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