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About ACCTShare

Sundeep Shah, B.Com, CPA, CGA has more than 20 years of experience in accounting field and has held positions from junior to senior levels throughout his career in multi-location and international environments. He has extensive experience in personal and corporation tax planning and preparation, financial accounting, budgeting, variance analysis, bookkeeping and payroll services. He has helped the clients in Corporate planning and organization, implementing internal controls, developing policies & procedures and saving costs by streamlining the processes. His strong skills in Revenue Recognition, Accruals, Allocations, Reconciliations have helped clients in planning for future and minimizing the tax liability.


Our Mission:

Our mission at Acctshare Professional Corporation. (APC) is to provide superior services to our clients in tax, accounting, bookkeeping, and financial services in cost effective manner without compromising on customer service and quality of service. We are guided by our values and core principles: Commitment, Integrity, Creating Value, Quality, Confidentiality & Privacy.


Our Vision:

Our vision is to be one of the best tax & accounting service provider with highest ethical standards in public accounting business with focus on growth and helping the community.


Our Values:

    • Responsive to Client Needs
    • Mutual Respect
    • Competency
    • Integrity
    • Highest Ethical Standards
    • Quality of Life
    • Accountability
    • Long-Term Relationships
    • Confidentiality & Privacy

Why Choose a Professional

The term “accountant” is unregulated in the province of Ontario. Anyone can call him or herself an accountant, even with no formal training or experience. To ensure that your accountant is fully trained for the financial tasks and projects ahead, engage a professionally designated accountant. Designated accountants have solid training and relevant experience.

Consider a certified general accountant (CGA) for your accounting and finance needs. Trained to offer professional accounting insight and services that go beyond tax and audit, CGAs adhere to a code of ethical principles and participate in mandatory continuing professional development to ensure that high professional standards are maintained.

It’s time to look for a professional accountant. Maybe you’re an individual whose financial assets have grown too complex to handle on your own. Maybe you’re the owner of a business where record keeping and payroll chores require too much time and attention. Or maybe your growing business is not taking advantage of every available tax deduction. Needs arise at different stages in the lives of individuals and businesses — tax preparation, an unexpected windfall, the planning of a new business venture, the preparation of financial statements or even when it’s time to change accountants. But how do you ensure that you select the right accountant to meet your needs? Business requirements may differ but the criteria and selection of a professional accountant is universal. From large corporations to small businesses, government to not-for-profits, individuals to partnerships, the expertise of the accountant you choose should lead to productivity, efficiency, sustainability, savings and growth. The accountant you choose should become an important adviser and a valuable resource.

Establishing your needs

Assess your knowledge and identify your needs before engaging the services of a professional accountant. Take the following steps to save yourself both time and money.

Define your immediate timeframes. If the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is demanding your tax return, your timeframe will be less flexible than if you are starting a new business.

Determine how accessible your accountant needs to be. Will you travel to the accountant’s office? OR Do you require your accountant to visit you?

Identify your accounting needs. What functions will you require of the accountant? Will you require accounting services such as compilation? The preparation of income tax returns? Cash flow projections? Tax and financial planning? Will you require your accountant to meet with bankers, lawyers or the CRA?

Organize your financial papers. Organizing your financial papers may also help you to assess your knowledge and identify your needs. It also helps the accountant to complete the work on time and reduce the costs.

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